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Can anyone recommend a scanning service?

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There are services that one can mail all their papers to and will scan/upload them to Evernote.  Are there any officially recommended?  Has anyone used one?  Any recommendations?


(I'm lazy.)

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I'm not aware of such services but cannot imagine that they would be cost effective.

Personally, I pop documents in the scanner tray, tap the button and job done. I'm too lazy to place the papers in an envelope, pay for postage, take the envelope to a mailbox and wait for several days for the work to get done ;)

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There are scanning services - but since you don’t post WHERE, you won’t get much recommendations.

Usually they are only cost effective for companies, that need to calculate manpower for scanning. 

Personally I use my iPhone for the occasional scan. The build in scanner in the EN app does a pretty good job. For multipage documents I use an ix500 and the Import Folder function of my EN Mac client.

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Hi.  I'd imagine any printer would do that job for you - they'll be able to generate 1000 business cards from one original,  or copy 1000 documents individually.  Pricing might be an issue... if this is a regular thing it's probably cheaper to look for a sheet-fed scanner and do it yourself.

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