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Search for tags (match on ANY part of the tag name - not just first few characters)




I have an issue around searching for tags in Evernote. I have a great deal of tags. They are all very specific, many are long, and sometimes it can be hard to remember how the first few characters of the tag are spelt. If I do remember how they begin, then Evernote is great and auto-completes. However, Evernote can’t seem to bring up the tag if I only remember, say, a string of characters in the middle of the tag. I notice other apps can match against ANY part of the tag – and this is feature very helpful to me.

Is there any chance Evernote can change its approach in searching for tags to apply to notes?

Thank you

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In fact it does search anywhere, at least when you go through the filters. I tried on the iOS client, but I think desktop does the same.

Open search, hit the filters icon. Click on Tags, and now in the search field type any part of what you are looking for. With the first letter you already get a list, and this narrows as you add characters. It does not matter if it is at the beginning or inside of a tag, it is found.

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