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Restore Windows default shortcut for capture, after Evernote replaced it (don´t know why).

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Have (309091) Public (CE Build ce-62.6.10954) , can´t tell exactly when and why, but Win+Shift+S default behavior was replaced by Evernote capture, formerly was Windows Capture App.  (don´t know its English name, in Spanish is "Recorte y Anotacion").

Went to Evernote configuration, selected "Restore default shortcuts" and Evernote Capture was set to Ctrl-Alt-S, but the original Win-Shift-S now doesn´t do anything. How can I fix it to the previous state ?

Thanks in advance

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  • jkohan changed the title to Restore Windows default shortcut for capture, after Evernote replaced it (don´t know why).
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EN will only change its own setting, it will not influence what Windows does in general. Probably (I am not a Windows expert) you need to set the shortcut on the Windows side back to what you want it to be.

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  • Evernote Expert

Have you upgraded to Windows 11? This is a Win 11 upgrade issue so may be the issue for you if you have the Win 11 package.

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I don´t now how, as said previously,EN had in its configuration Win-Shift-S.  I noticed because (even with evernote minimzed and closed) captures started to go to Evernote instead of Windows Capture App. This is my own laptop and no one uses it, except me. I´m quite sure I didn´t do anything to change it (at least knwoingly).

I don´t know how to re-assign Windows shortcut again. Googled a bit but didn´t find anything  useful (only some MS "MouseKeyboardCenter_64.exe" but it is only for MS Keyboards and mice).

Thanks anyway


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