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PLEASE let us organize tags in bulk again!!




I hope this is the place to make a plea for helping us organize notes the way that we used to. I have kept the legacy version so that I can periodically prune and edit and organize the many tags that I use and so that I can order by tag in the top down view. I use Evernote in part for all of my professional legacy and the new versions of evernote make it impossible for me to ever see my tags properly or to work with them. 

The view enclosed is what I am seeking to have reinstated. I doubt I am the only one. The new version does not actually let me work with tags in a time efficient way. The new way is completely infuriating. At the least, could we SEE all of our tags on one whole page again?

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This tag overview is IMHO one of the few features that make using legacy necessary from time to time.

The forum is user2user. To reach EN PM, use the feedback function build into the clients. 

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