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Android Evernote losing data.

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Using my Samsung Tab S6 Lite, apart from as others complaining of being very slow, it is losing 70 - 80 % of the updated information being added to notes. I've tried a support ticket which first suggested installing the latest updates, which I thought I had, but there was a later one. This didn’t solve the problem.t tried uninstalling and reinstalling. Still not solved the problem. They suggested checking out the notes history. The lost information was not there.

Any suggestions please.


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If it is not in note history, it did never reach the server. Difficult to tell, just some thoughts:

Always quit editing mode by tapping the green swash when done. This can be used to save to the server from time to time during longer editing sessions as well.

If (after finishing the edit and leaving the note) you go to the settings, Synchronization, and tap on „sync now“, what happens ? Briefly a little spinning wheel and after a few seconds the confirmation ? Or does it take longer, maybe several minutes ?

Try open the note, then go to flight mode, then do the editing, tap the green swash and return to viewing mode. The edited note should show a green triangle in the notes list. This indicates the note still needs to be synced. If you now leave flight mode (while EN stays open): How long does it take before the green triangle disappears ?

The first thought has helped me to never loose edits on my iPads. I always quit edit mode when done.

The other 2 are just meant to see if there is something stuck unsynced (will take longer), or how long automatic syncing takes (flight mode prevents syncing). Both are not meant for day to day use.

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Since we aren't seeing lots of users complaining of this issue it seems likely that this is connected to your account or configuration.

I think you will need to continue working with Evernote support.

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Hi thanks for the suggestions. I added 72 words to a note, pressed the green tick, after 2 minutes I was offered the minimise button, which I pressed and the green triangle (does that do anything? ). Thus was still there after 3 minutes so I went to the setting and synced through that. Total syncing 3 1/2 minutes. Perhaps I'm not been giving it time enough to sync,  although 3 1/2 minutes seems a long time 



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Thanks for trying.

The green triangle tells a sync is outstanding - it may happen while it shows, or it is just waiting to sync. It is not an activity indicator, it says „open sync action“ and shows as long as the sync has not terminated. Sometimes a sync will show from the OS, by a little spinning wheel at the top of the screen.

EN always syncs the full note, not only the (few) characters added. If the note is large, a few edits cause a large and possibly long sync.

A syncing time of 3 1/2 minutes may seem long - how fast is your internet connection ?

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sorry for the long delay, but I have been backwards and forward with support team - sadly a lot of time was completely wasted with the first-tier team, although once the problem was upgraded, I never got anywhere, and decided to back to the Legacy version - which has been a huge improvement. The internet speed is 30 meg down and 6 meg up. As the problem isn't present with the legacy version I think there isn't a speed problem.

A solution (which isn't a real solution!) is to stop using the tablet and only use my Windows laptop.

Thanks for the interest shown.



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That speed should do, at least for the regular use. I would try to get a better net when downloading for offline use.

Between our last posts here, there was a hint that disabling WorkChat did increase performance. It can be reenabled - it sounded as if it was in a loop, that was stopped by disabling it once.

No idea whether this does any good in your case. And I am on iOS, no issues.

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