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All notebooks and most notes got deleted



I was in a notebook and wanted to delete one item (url) the entire notebook got deleted to trash. I resored each one individually, says it was saved to 1st notebook- but I dont see that. How do I transfer all the a newly named notebook. I just see it in notes.

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When a notebook is deleted, all notes are individually send to the trash. There is no notebook in the trash, that is technically not possible.

To recover, create a new notebook (can even have the name of the old one) and move the notes there. This is easier on clients that allow to select multiple notes at once (mobile clients can’t).

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They have to be moved individually? How do you delete an item in a notebook? That is what I tried to do and it deleted the whole notebook. 

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You select a note, and then use one of the many options to delete the note (send it to the trash). How in detail depends on the client you use.

The mobile clients only allow to select one note at a time. The desktop clients allow to select multiple notes (currently up to 50) and delete them.


You can also delete a full notebook - which sends all notes in it to the trash.


Every note that gets deleted is moved to the trash - which practically is a notebook with some special properties. For example notes in the trash never show up in searches.

When the trash is emptied, all notes in it are finally deleted - without any chance of recovery ! Or a note in the trash can be selected and deleted individually.


A note in the trash can be selected and restored. It then returns to a notebook and is active again, as if never deleted.


That pretty much wraps it up, I think.

Deleting a full notebook should only be done if you are very sure about it.

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