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Evernote 10.37.3-win-ddl-public 3394 newly added images not showing.

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I have a issue where any image I add to evernote, whether using send to or inserting an image into a note, just disappears as soon as I move away from that note.

When I go back to that note, all my typed text is there, but the image just has the loading icon going round and round and round.

Only recently started happening, as in today !... updated evernote to 10.37.3 yesterday.. coincidence ?

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Ok looks like theres another update to evernote ( I cant keep with them all !) .

Just installed 10.38.1 and now any NEW images are showing. will just to try remember what the images I loaded up this morning were, and make new notes.


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Are the images showing when you use the web client ?

Hint for Free users: The web client will be counted as a device. So what I posted is probably a Check mainly for subscribers.

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