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Add "Random" to Filtered Note Widget




As a study aid I'd like a random note to appear as my "pinned" note on my home page.

This can be done if "random" is added as one of the filtered attributes in the "Filtered Note" widget.  I would select the specific notebook then use "random" as the additional filter.

There have been past calls for this and the solution seems very simple.  So I hope this can be accomodated.


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3 hours ago, k3rv1n said:

There have been past calls for this and the solution seems very simple.  So I hope this can be accomodated.

Hi.  If there were past calls for this,  why not add your post to that thread rather than starting another?  And - the task of 'just' adding a new level of activity to an app serving 200M+ users is not,  by any stretch,  "simple".  Added to which if Evernote disrupt their existing development schedule and start working on this now,  you might - if you're lucky - be able to check out the new functionality soon after you graduate.

Plus - there are already a couple of dozen existing apps that will do this for you. Searching for 'spaced repetition' may help generate some hits like this... https://praxis.fortelabs.co/randomnote-web/

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There may have been calls for it in the past - but ask yourself a simple question: Is this useful for a majority of users, or is it your personal plaything ?

If there is no use case behind it, or if the function can be reproduced with existing functions, I doubt we will ever see any function in the app.

You can easily pick a random note yourself any time, for example for studying. Just place the notes into a notebook, or add a tag to make them selectable. Make them show, maybe as preview cards, and blindly scroll and click into the notes.

If you pass the probe, you can add another tag to exclude the note from the next round.

If you use the classical method, you need 3 tags for the study part, and one for completed.

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