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When searching in a favorite, allow a shortcut key to jump to first character of title



I have thousands of notes, and shortcuts with over 100 notes.  I normally work with my notes within the shortcut sorted by name.  It would be much faster for me to work if there was a shortcut key to jump to the first character in my long list of notes--or even a clickable alphabet.  Maybe Ctrl-t-j would jump to the first note with a title starting with j (or the next note if there is none).  Ctrl-t-n would jump to the title startiting with n, etc.

I love Evernote and have been a paying subscriber for years.  I'm glad to see a new flurry of development.

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Wouldn't the Shortcuts have to be sorted alphabetically for this potential feature to work? Do you manually sort them to get them that way now? (That's the only way that I see to sort them -- manual.)

I'm wondering if it's common for people to have that many shortcuts. Kind of seems more like a "long"cut than shortcut after the list gets too big. (That last part is mostly a joke.)

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5 hours ago, JoeMoo said:

I normally work with my notes within the shortcut sorted by name. 

I agree with @Boot17that this seems odd as you can only sort shortcuts manually. My only suggestion is to use the main search facility. While the selection of the  suggestions that come up when you start typing into the search box is largely a mystery to me, it does seem to give some priority to notes with shortcuts. 

As an aside I do think that having 100's of shortcuts is impossible to manage. If you have the shortcuts open it means you would need to scroll for ages to get to the rest of the sidebar. If the shortcuts are largely to notes, I personally would tag them with a tag like $critical. You can add the tag to shortcuts and it will also appear at the top of the tag list. Doesn't solve the problem of navigating through the 100's of notes. Unfortunately while you can search for a tag and add it to an existing search if you search for text it will reset the search. Also I don't think there is a way of searching for a note title that begins with a certain letter.

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I'm not sure you read the suggestion clearly:  with my notes within the shortcut sorted by name.  So, if my shortcut is MyStuff, which happens to have 4 different tags attached to it, I almost always sort the notes within MyStuff alphabetically by name.  Say I have over 100 notes in that shortcut.  I want to jump to the one called Good Stuff by pressing Alt-N-G or something like that.  I'd jump to Bad Stuff with Alt-N-B.  If I press Alt-N-X and I don't have a note with a title starting with X it would jump to Your Stuff.  All of that is happening in the same shortcut.  No other shortcuts involved.

I do not have 100s of shortcuts.  I have hundreds of notes within a shortcut as I said.

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Hi @JoeMoo! I think I am confused by your use of the term shortcut.

Just for clarification... You have a shortcut pointing to MyStuff. Is MyStuff a notebook, a set of notes with a specific tag, or a saved search?

Having that clear for me would make it easier to know how to respond.

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12 hours ago, JoeMoo said:

I'm not sure you read the suggestion clearly:  with my notes within the shortcut sorted by name

This is actually nothing to do with shortcuts. What you want is a way of more easily navigating through the note list. In your case that note list is generated by a shortcut but it could equally well be generated by a search, filtering or even just a whole notebook. 

EN gives the option of dispalying notes within the note list in groupings (i.e. letters in an an alphabetical sort)  so a way of jumping between those groups or even collapsing each group so you could easily scroll would be good.

I suppose the EN team might say that if you have hundreds of results then you need to reduce them to a more manageable number using the filters. There are after all a whole miriad of different filters available as well as the advanced search syntax. The only way I can think of currently doing exactly what you want is to give each note a tag of the first letter of the title and filtering by that - not a particularly good workaround but possible. Personally, if I was getting that many results from a saved search I would want to think about how to make my tagging system more granular or search a date range or exclude certain tags from the search etc etc.

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