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Unable to remove the notes shared by others

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Hi.  You're correct - there is not.  Currently the only way from the recipient's end to delete a shared note is to move it to a new folder (that you create) called 'deleted. 

That's not actually going to remove them,  but you'll know that it contains only irrelevant notes.

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15 hours ago, Padm_evrUser said:

There is no option to delete the notes shared by others


AFAIK this is not true: As long as the share still exists, you can delete a note shared to you. It will then get outmoded your control, so to get it back the owner of the shard note probably needs to take action.

It is something different when the note that was shared has been deleted by its owner, without unsharing it first.

In this case an orphan is created, sitting in your account. Orphans can’t be removed - you can only put them into a special place, like the above mentioned Z-Archive notebook.

All that trouble means it is better to share entire notebooks instead of individual notes. It is much easier to unshare a notebook with one simple action, than a lot of individual notes.

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