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Speed, functionality from version 6.25?

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I technically began using Evernote in 2013, but only really started to seriously use it as of last year. Unfortunately, it has been very frustrating to use and it was a surprise to see how dysfunctional Version 10's tag/filtering system works (both in terms of features and speed). I have gone through the forums and saw that version 6.25 was much beloved by long-time power users, so I decided to try it out before I abandon Evernote for one of its competitors (Notion/Obsidian/OneNote are among current contenders, though all of them have their flaws). 

Oh my goodness - it's amazing! The difference in terms of speed and power. Evernote has my business (monthly paid account) as long as it doesn't go away. I would strongly encourage anyone following these threads to realize that catering to the power users isn't a niche/fringe demographic.


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Who is a power user ? Everybody believing to be one.

If you like legacy, no problem to use it. You should just be aware it can go off the air any time. I would expect EN to tell in advance - but if a change in the environment (OS changes for example) renders it useless, it may come as a surprise.

From my parallel use of both clients there is only one function left that is still significantly faster on legacy than v10: Selecting a bunch of notes, and moving them to another notebook. Everything else runs with pretty good speed in the latest releases.

Note selection and filtering of v10 is far superior - the filters offer options unheard of in legacy. There are not many reasons left that would make me stick with legacy - I open it only every other fortnight. There is nothing left on my day to day use that would make sense to open and run legacy and more.

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