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Image in Snippet view does not update when you replace the image.

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Steps to re-create the issue.

  1. Duplicate a note with one image and be in snippet view with the option of showing images.
  2. Highlight and delete the image.
  3. * If you wait a few seconds, the image will dis-appear in the Snippet View.
  4. Open Note, and paste a new image into the note.
  5. Close the note.
  6. Original image will either remain (if you did not wait for it to disappear), or the original image will re-appear if you had waited for it to be removed from the snippet view.
  7. Image in note is still the new one.

I am running version 10.37.3-win-ddl-public (33394).


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This is a well known issue and has been discussed a number of times in the forums.

There is no solution other than to create a new note containing the image of preference and then paste in the text once the new snippet image has been created. Then delete the original version.

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