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Unable to highlight PDF documents, is this due to update ?

Leigh C 1970


I drag PDF documents into Evernote to later read, using the highlighter function to annotate. I think I may have updated IOS app on Ipad and now dont seem to be able to do this - PDFs show differently, the @ symbol is no longer present and I can no longer highlight / annotate these documents. I would be very grateful for any suggestions. This is one of my primary uses for Evernote and if I cant do this anymore then I'm not sure it is of much use to me. This is my first post so not sure if it has gone in the right area ? Thanks

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Thanks for the reply. I cant get to the @ symbol on my current version of the Evernote app - I have attached a few screen shots. First 2 taken from an old Ipad which has older version of app - on this I can get to 3 dots, can get to @ symbol etc. You can see that the way the PDF appears in note book is also different. Unfortunately this ipad is old and tired.

The following 2 screen shots show you what I see now - PDF shows differently and when I click on I dont get option to do anything other than email it etc - no 3 dots, no @ symbol etc

I would really appreciate help on this 










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In the pictures of the new app, you opened it in viewing mode.

If you follow the procedure I have posted, you get at the annotation mode. I have described the steps to follow - leave one out, or change the sequence, and you end up in viewing mode. From there annotation mode can't be activated.

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Thanks for the reply. That subtle difference in how open PDF made the difference. Next problem however is that previously one of the options was an X which was effectively the OFF button - this enabled me to Zoom on the PDF or go to a different page before it started annotating. New app starts with it on at a default so as soon as touch anything on screen it starts annotating. Again I have attached screen shots of old app first, new app second. Have you noticed this, any ideas/solutions here ? Many thanks again




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This looks like an iPad. There is one problem with the annotation mode on the iPad, which has been reported to EN, but not yet fixed: You can't Zoom in. This is sort of weird, because on the iPhone zooming in in annotation mode works. It looks as if the larger screen makes the app think "Oh, this is large enough", which of course it isn't.

So annotation is a pretty rough business on an iPad. Some arrows and remarks can be placed, but sort of difficult with hitting a line of text with the text marker. It works better on the iPhone.

Any yes, it starts in annotation mode (which is what was selected before) right away. Fortunately you can undo anything without a problem.

Conclusion: Annotation mode on the iPad works - somehow, but is far from being a great experience.

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