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Slack integration - won't clip individual message



I've connected Evernote to Slack.  I can't clip individual Slack messages into Evernote ("This message only").  Whenever I try to clip a message, I see "Clipping messages..." but the clip never appears in Evernote.  The "Clipping messages..." never goes away.  The same thing happens when I use "This message and everything below".

I AM able to use "All messages from this day" - those clips DO appear in Evernote.

How can I clip individual messages and their responses? 






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Same here. Using a Mac with Slack and Evernote apps installed. Clipping a single message does nothing. Tried each option until it finally did work for "All messages from this day."  Tried searching Slack Help Center, but there is literally no mention of Evernote there. 😞 


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