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Read only view / mark note as 'finished"



I would love to see the 'reading view' from Android being carried over to the desktop app(s). It would keep the wiki part of my Evernote database nice and clean and also prevent mistakes and/or issue with autosave.

For instance, I use tables for inventory lists. Too often the scrolling motion get interrupted because I click inside a column, especially I'd the table row is longer than the width of the screen and I can't rest my fingers on either side.

It's not a huge thing but it would improve the reading/ viewing experience for me. It's also a way to 'finish' a work process.

Alternatively, being able to mark a note 'finished' (this 'note status' approach would be a way to make the recent 'task' approach more integrated with the core note system as opposed to being a feature that lives on the surface of the new EN).

Weather it's 'read only vs edit' or 'finished' vs 'in progress', links should always be active/ working.

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@PinkElephantyes - but this forum is called "General Feature Requests" after all. Maybe it should be renamed to "General Feature Requests Discussions but to Submit Your Real Feature Request to Evernote Use the Share Feedback Option in the App"? 😉

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