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New account with Personal Plan but only allowing Basic plan limits.




I think on Thursday this week, 19th May 2022, I subscribed to EN for the Personal Plan...I've given up on Apple Notes.

I used to have EN for years, but moved to Bear about 2 or 3 years ago.

I want to move back to EN, so subscribed again the other day, but on moving over about 150 notes, my account has warned me that I've used 91% of my monthly allowance of 60MB, which I believe is the Basic level allowance.

Now, here's something that might shed some light on the subject...as I mentioned before, this new account was only bought a couple of days ago yet when in my EN account dashboard, it tells me that my account was opened in December 2021...and I'm wondering if indeed I did register back then and maybe this is having an effect on the Basic and Personal levels that I'm finding I'm having a problem with.

Is there anyone who can delve into my account and see what the problem is please?

I have proof of payment for the personal account etc if you need to see it.


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Just other users here….

The official way is through a support ticket, ticket type billing.

But if you subscribed on the 19th of May, probably it just needs to trickle down through the system. It can take 1-2 days, sometimes longer if subscribed through one of the Stores. So maybe as we exchange forum posts, you are already upgraded,

You see it easily in every client top left, where your (account) name is written, or on desktop  by clicking on account information.


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Thanks for your help and the link - I think the link is what I'm looking for, but as you can see from the screenshots, I'm definitely on the Personal plan but the image below it is telling me that I've used up my basic plan allowance.

I'll wait until Monday and then contact them through the link you've given me thanks.

Have a nice weekend




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Thanks very much. 

I’ve written an email to the link you sent me yesterday and I got a reply, nothing has happened yet but at least someone is aware of my problem. 

Thanks again. 

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