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Unable to use in-app Link within Google Sheets

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I'm trying to use an Evernote link in Google Sheets that will open in the Evernote Mac Desktop App, not web. If I "Copy App Link", Google Sheets doesn't recognize it as a URL. If I "Copy Web Link", it opens in a web browser. 

Is there any way to create a URL that forces Google Sheets to open the link in the Evernote App. 



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7 hours ago, DrewG said:

Is there any way to create a URL that forces Google Sheets to open the link in the Evernote App

This is more of a Google sheets question than an Evernote question. The whole ethos of Google docs is to work in the web browser not with local files. If you Google something like "sheets link to file on local computer" you will find a number of suggestions but no stand out solution as far as I could see. Using a redirector browser extension  to redirect a dummy url to your local file sounds like a possible route but not everytbody seems to have got it to work and I haven't tested it. Remember that the EN web version will automatically convert an app link to a web link. I suspect that linking to local files from a webpage is not allowed but I'm not an internet expert. Links to local files in my notes do not work on the web version of Evernote and I wouldn't expect them to.

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You can paste the Evernote App URL into the address bar of the browser directly and it should open Evernote and take you to the appropriate note, like this:


That was on Mac, but it works on Windows too.

But yeah - like you say @DrewG, Sheets doesn't recognize it:


I tried one of those redirector browser extensions like @Mike Pmentioned and I think that could work, but I didn't want to spend any time trying to figure out the 'Pattern Description' to see for sure:



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I find the same thing in Google Calendar on Windows: Calendar will not recognize an evernote:///view/... type URL as legitimate. As @Boot17 said, I can paste it into a browser address bar and it will work; it also works in the Windows Run dialog. But that won't do what @DrewG wants to do, which does seem perfectly reasonable. It's definitely a Google issue. Why not ask them? They're always so open to user feedback. :D:lol::P

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