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(Archived) 2.0 Beta - Cannot move note to shared notebook



Not sure if I am doing anything wrong but I cannot move notes to shared notebooks or from shared notebooks ?

It just seems that now we see the shared notebooks but they are still "separate but equal".

In my opinion a shared notebook just be just like every other notebook. Dropbox does sharing the right way. Shared folders should be just like every other folder just shared.

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Just wanted to add another vote for this functionality. Similarly, searching is either against "account" notebooks, OR "shared" notebooks -- but not both at the same time. The division between the two types doesn't seem to make sense and is frustrating as a user.

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Apparently, shared notebooks are not truly shared at all. They are just a one-way link from user A to user B. User B has no ability whatsoever to make any changes to the linked notebook..

Incorrect. Depending upon the permissions, a user to whom a notebook is shared may make changes.


Is there a tutorial on adding notes to a shared notebook as the non-owner? I have not figured out how to add from the clipper, for example.

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You cannot add from *our* clipper, but you can add to a shared notebook from *a* clipper.

Install Clipmarks:


To email into a specific notebook in the other person's account, you will need *the sharers* Evernote incoming email address.

In the subject line of your email, write the title of the note as you want it to appear in the Shared Notebook. In the same subject line, add the @ symbol followed by the name of your destination notebook (this must match the name of the notebook in the sharer's account).

For example, Subject: Trip to Florida @travel

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OK, so apparently shared notebooks can be editable, but they require some sort of additional web login, and use of Evernote's web clipper is not supported to add content to notebook that's shared with you, but you can e-mail notes to the shared notebook, but only if you e-mail that to the owner's Evernote address. Shared notebooks are not included in global searches of Evernote, you have to search directly within the shared notebooks pane. Tags from shared notebooks are not included in your global tag list. Do I have all that right?

Sorry for being confused, but this does not seem very straightforward at all, and the number of threads on this subject speak to this. I'm a fairly tech-savvy person, and have been using Evernote for years. I don't see how this would possibly be adopted by mainstream users as a collaborative tool without a lot of headache. I certainly wouldn't recommend it to clients over something like Google Docs which has very clear sharing and collaborative capabilities, and does not have these limitations on search and adding items to shared folders. I will definitely be using that instead of Evernote to collaborate with folks I need to share documents with, it's going to be much easier to set up. It's a pity, because I can really see where Evernote would be superior to Google Docs in terms of building a knowledge base; having a native client is a big advantage, especially in the area of having embedded files and PDFs stored locally.

Given the amount of time that it took for Evernote to bring sharing to the desktop clients, I'm pretty disappointed with the result. This functionality represents a massive opportunity for Evernote's growth as a collaborative tool within organizations, but this current implementation leaves a lot to be desired. At the very least, there needs to be better documentation on how to use the shared notebooks feature. I hope there is a new version of the Mac User Guide available soon that will cover this in more detail.

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I'm also finding the shared notebook *excessively* frustrating and it is the *only* reason I upgraded to the premium account. I want to be able to see a view with all my notebooks (shared incl) and be able to move notes from my notebook to the notebook my husband shared with me. Currently it's looking like the best way is for my husband and I to share one single evernote account and then just have our own personal notebooks within this. Avoid the whole "sharing" thing completely! We're both on premium - looks like we should have both stuck to free.

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I would also like the ability to move a note from my notebook into a shared notebook. I realize there are security/permission implications... but to me, that was the entire reason for upgrading to a premium account to share.

If there has to be a checkbox to allow for this feature, so be it. But it's kinda a deal breaker now for my collaborators.

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