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How do I get a refund?

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I got the free trial and it ran out today. I got auto-charged and I want to cancel it and get a refund but I have no idea how to. I submitted a ticket this morning and still haven't gotten a response yet and its been 10+ hours. I even emailed Evernote's paypal support team and still no response. I just really want a response and my issue fixed. Please someone help me reach out to evernote's support team.

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Panic ! Horror ! 10 hours and no reply !

Wait a moment ?

Didn't you receive an automatic email shortly after sending your request, telling you that they will get into contact with you ?

Didn't you go to the help database first, type in "Refund" and get this help document as first hit ?


OK, you just came her to learn that support works office hours US central or west coast, and that the usual reaction time is between some hours and maybe 2 days, weekends excluded, and depending on the support workload.

If you received the confirmation email, you are good to go, but maybe only next week, since today is Friday. If you didn't receive it, you did not effectively submit a support ticket. In this case it will be a long wait ... unless eventually you get it submitted.

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