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Could anyone tell me please, can i scan directly to a Notebook or Note in Evernote?

I have a Brother ADS1200 scanner. The cloud services are ONENOTE; DROPBOX AND GOOGLE DRIVE I think. Is it possible to add Evernote or is there an alternative?

Thank you in advance.



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Hi.  If your scanner supports a connection to Evernote, you may be able to scan directly into a note.  That's a Brother question,  not an Evernote one.  ALL scanners can scan to a PDF file,  so if your scanner can't connect direct with Evernote,  it should be able to scan to a folder on your PC desktop which you can set up as an Import Folder.

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Personally even when my scanner could scan directly to EN, I have set it up to scan to a folder of my Mac. I then change the file name to something that reads like a note title, and then I send it to my EN Import Folder.

It is imported from there, creating a new note with the file name as note title, and the scan file as an attachment to a new note.

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