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Consider separate application please

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I've been a professional Evernote subscriber pretty much since you guys started. It is a great product, but is it growing too much? I'd just like a reliable, FAST, easy note taking and reference app, and I don't enjoy being confronted with update and training needs every time I open the app (usually in a hurry to do a quick search for some info and I just have to dismiss the prompt anyway).

Perhaps you should consider a whole separate application for your workflow, tasks, team sharing, and other over the top features (let me be clear, not a different license, not a different subscription, but a whole separate application). Then perhaps you can leave the note taking app as the lean, mean, rarely updated, reliable program it once was.

It could be that I fall out of your go-forward target user base, which is ok too... but to describe who I am, and I'm sure the many more like me, I use Evernote to organize personal notes and information, and I use it to organize professional notes and information. I'm not using in a team setting, nor do I ever plan to. I don't desire workflow or task support (nor to have to update my app constantly for bugs in features that I don't use).

All my best - Harc


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EN always had the approach to be more than just a note taking app, and they follow down this trail. v10 has from the beginning been designed with this in mind. For me it works as a reliable, fast and easy application.

So if you don’t feel the same, maybe it is simply the wrong app for you …! 

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@Harc, my usage is much like yours, personal information and notes + professional research and writing notes. No teams, no Work Chat, no-one to share notes with, no meetings to go to. I'm hoping that the Tasks feature may actually prove useful; we'll see. But I find it fairly easy to ignore the features I don't use. I'm getting used to the Home feature, but if that is cluttering up your space, I think you can just select the Notes or Notebooks list and always start from there (I could be wrong). Hope this is some help.

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