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(Archived) Beta 2.0: "Generating thumbnail images" runs forever




I searched the forum and found an old version of this problem but no current solution. I installed the Mac 2.0b1 beta last night and the problem started then. The thumbnails generated until this morning when the count was over 180,000 when I quit the application. I restarted at work and the same thing has happened. It's been running for 4 hours and I'm up to 88,000 thumbnails and counting. I have only 280 notes in my file and they're mostly just text and clippings - nothing really complicated.

Running OS X 10.6.5 on a 2008 MacBook

EDIT: I checked a bit after the previous post and Evernote was opening in Mixed view. I switched to Thumbnail View and the thumbnail target value was in line with my content and the thumbnails were generated appropriately within a minute or so. I then switched back to Mixed View - the icons were displayed correctly at that point. I then quit the application and reopened - still in Mixed view - and everything appeared normally.

So the program appears to be working correctly at this point. I'll continue to experiment.

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