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Transferring Existing Evernote Personal Account to a New User

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I have had an Evernote Personal account for a number of years where I have stored various work notes and checklists. I'm retiring and need to give my successor access to this account. I tried changing the email address to my successor's email address, but he still does not have access to the account. Is there any way to accomplish this or a way to contact Evernote support to get this resolved?

Thank you!


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Some reading:



You can pass on access information, and everybody who uses it it „you“. If you don’t want your account to continue outside of your control, you could share all relevant notes to a new account, created in the name of your successor.

He can then duplicate the notes, to make them „his own“. After that you can cancel your subscription, and keep the old account on Free as an archive.


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