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Mobil boot up problem

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I recently upgraded to an Apple iPhone 13 Plus. I now get an error message when I try to access my notes. It says I need to Unsync a device to log in. When I try to Unsync a device it makes me log in every time and then logs me out. 
help please! My IOS is up to date at 15.4.1. 

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You are probably on Free.

You probably did not log out of your EN account on your old phone.

You probably did not unsync it then, using your second device.

OK, here we are, and there is a problem. It can be solved, but not by try and error. The number of errors (unsyncs) is limited. If you use the unsyncs up by trying, you will get locked out for 30 days.

Do you still have the old phone, with access and the EN app ?

Do you have another device synced into your EN account ?

If yes and yes, we can proceed from there

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