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Evernote Hack - Looking for Information and Report Issue



Hello guys

It took me sometime to understand all and post this, but I have been hacked in last november, and at that time I took one of the answer on the post as granted, but I start to think it would be better to report it. I went into a Dapps on a website, and a few days later, I found 2 mobiles from FRANCE and GERMANY NOKIA (which brand I don't own) logging on my evernote from Europe. And I live in Thailand.

Some people told me here they must have had your password, but its impossible they did not have it. My account did not have 2FA at that time. I would like to speak with someone from the support team just so that they investigate this breach of security. Anyone has a support email I can use to email?

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You can try this:

Choose Account as ticket type.

If it happened last November, I think it is rather late. No idea how long logfiles are kept.

About the password: Clearly they got it - by trying, by stealing, by buying. Without 2FA, that is enough to open the account.

About devices and location: Nobody hacks accounts using a smartphone. And nobody will travel just to make another access. Devices and locations are faked - could have been a server running a script in a basement room next door, or a rented one in a data center around the globe.

You should have an idea about what you want to talk to the security team. If the breach happened in November, the horse is not only out of the barn, it is behind the mountains yet. You want to discuss now where you may have dropped the keys to the barn door half a year ago, and who may have used it ?

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