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Add a selected word to "tag" by right-click or a shortcut.

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 reading a captured text to find important phrases or words to add as tags and adding tasks could take time by typing or still selecting and pressing F3 and then pasting it. I wish the "add to tag" option in right-click menu for selected text or it could be better and faster, select a word and use a shortcut to add it immediately to the tags section.


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Everybody has its own use cases - so as a discussion, not as verdict: EN search will find any word in a document anyhow - tagged or not.

The only reason for tagging can be that is is more selective, by filter or using the advanced search syntax.

But if creating a tag is too easy, there is a risk that tags are loosing their focus, by for example synonyms or related tags without a common structure.

It depends on the use case, but as an example: If you have the tag „Apple“ and add the tag „Orange“, you can search for each, but you need to remember that you have both when you want to search for „fruits“. And then you still need to remember the „Pear“ and the „Peach“ tag. It would probably be better to tag all with „Fruit“ and let the search do the rest of the magic. Because it will find all notes with „Apple(s)“ anyhow, but you may want to preselect with „Fruit“ or even with „Recipe“.

If you are studying agriculture, you may find that even „Apple“ is too general, maybe you would want to tag with „Old sort“, „New line“ and „Hybrid“.

To keep tagging in line with the personal use, I think it needs some housekeeping from time to time. This is about individual tags, and about tagging structure (nesting) as well. If there are too many tags with little usage, it makes this activity more complex than by keeping the sheer number of tags at bay. There is still search to drill down.

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