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Save as template after changing font format, size, etc.



If I type any text into a new note, I can save it as a new template.

But as far as I can see, only changing the font (Serif, San Serif, etc.) and font size does not allow saving as a template.  My "Save as template" menu choice shows up as disabled.

This is weird--I want a default font, and right now applying a template to every new note is the only way to do this.

I've had to type a space at the beginning of notes to save as a template.

So, solution: changing font or font size should count as a change in the note, so that the note's format can be saved as a template.

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As you observed, there is no need for an elaborate template content to make it work. A single character does the job - or something innocent like „Start typing here …“.

I think it is not really a fruitful discussion whether there must be a „space“ typed or not.

The more important issue is whether there should be a standard text style setting as a general setting, working without a template at all. I am in favor of adding such an option, out of respect for our fellow users with a reduced eyesight. I don‘t need it for myself, but I think we all should be happy if our software of choice has a good accessibility. An enlarged standard font setting would make life easier for an important group of users.

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I think being able to set a standard text style setting is an essential requirement.  Without this, I have to change text type and size for every new note I create. 

Right now, even updating the "Normal text" settings from customized text doesn't work across notes.

A tab in settings where one could set the defaults for all the text styles (Large Header, Medium Header, Small Header, and Normal Text) would work.  For each new note, you'd start with these defaults and then could adjust if necessary.

It's not just about font size.  I prefer Serif fonts to San Serif.  In an application where I write so much and spend so much of my time, looking at a Sans Serif font is a constant annoyance.

And also, the font size problem shows up when I work on a device with high resolution.  I don't want to have to scale up everything in my system settings--that creates an entirely new mess.  Being able to change the default font size I write in, as I can do in other programs, would fix this.

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