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Not receiving Two-step verification email



I am not receiving the confirmation code email when setting up two-step verification. The email address I'm using has been my Evernote address for the past 7 years and I have received many emails from Evernote at that address; the most recent on May 5, 2022. I had been successfully using 2SA and want to switch authenticators, from Last Past to Microsoft. I disabled 2SA and now I can't re-enable it because I don't receive the confirmation code email.

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Yes, I have account access. Everything about the email address works (account access, other email from Evernote, sign-in verifications) except for two-step verification setup. Yes, I have checked the spam folder.

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I have been trying to set up 2-step off-and-on for several weeks; so, waiting for a day wouldn't have worked. But I have got it set up now. I had been trying to do the setup with Evernote Web. I was able to set it up using Evernote for Android. Same account, same email address. With Evernote for Android, I got the email and SMS confirmations and was also able to setup with an authenticator.

Thanks for your assistance.

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