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RBAC: Access Denied - issue

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Hi there, 

Recently when on work vpn i cannot access my notes... sometimes i get a "RBAC - access denied" message in the note space and the notes menus are loaded ...  sometimes the whole page turns into the message

anyone experience anything like this and/or have any solutions?


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yes - work vpn means i am through the work network .   as soon as i am connected this becomes an issue now - this morning i tried to switch back to the classic evernote it is fine even on vpn ... so not sure what the issue is... 

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Probably something on the company network is blocking the access. In most cases this happens as a side effect to security measures. EN is not targeted as such, but suffering collateral damage.

I think you need to talk to your companies network admin. He will be able to read from the logs what may be going wrong. If he is able and willing to do anything about it is another question.

Many companies these days block all cloud services except those contracted by the company.

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A quick online search for that error turns up lots of similar issues in many different apps - pretty safe to assume it's not Evernote-related;  just tha access via VPN occasionally confuses authentication servers - hence the 'access denied' bit.

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