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Lost Note text



Accidently selected all text in a notebook and without any further action all the text was erased.

This is the "Free" version.

The save save "Check" mark was available, but the undue options were grayed out leaving me no way to get text back.

I checked out the options for "Note" history, etc., but that is not available.

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Note history runs in the background on all accounts. Access is only possible if on a subscription. Furthermore for access a desktop client is needed.

Content can be restored as long as the note itself still exists.

If the text is worth the value of a large "to go", you can subscribe for a month and (usually) recover it from a prior version. Only exception can be when there were a lot of yet unsynced changes - note history can only recover what has been saved to the server before.

In general to reduce the impact of editing mistakes, save the note from time to time. This means hitting the green checkmark, assuming you did the editing on a mobile client. The desktop version saves and syncs continuously.

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