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Tags in Email Subject Must Exist Prior



When I send an email to Evernote I currently have to send it and then edit it when it reaches Evernote because Tags in the subject line are not recognized if they do not exist.

It would be far more convenient to have the Tags created if they do not exist already, especially if I need to clean up more than one entry at a time.



Subject: RE This is a test of Evernote  #Test

If the Tag "Test" does exist in Evernote the email will be saved but there will be no Tags attached to the note.

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Hi.  You're correct that this is the way Evernote works.  It hasn't changed recently AFAIK.  The designers may have thought it good practice to avoid unlimited tags being added to new notes without any checks.

In the actual app, typing a tag 'bank' will automatically pop up any word starting that way,  so avoiding you creating several variations on the one tag (bank / banks / banking / banked) as well as avoiding odd typos like 'bnak'.  You could try a Feature Request,  but I doubt there would be much chance of a change

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I am not holding my breath for a change but the current functionality is also limited unless there is integration with email such as those extensions that also check dictionaries. 
That said, there is also an issue with how the Tags are selected - I mentioned this a while back. With the extension you can type any word and if it appears anywhere in the Tag it will show up but in the desktop version which should be more powerful you must enter the word in the order it appears in the tag.
Example Bank
Extension --- Big Bank (found)
Desktop   --- Big Bank (not found)
Desktop   --- Big..... (found) *** seems as if they are using a simple index to search via the desktop and a string search in the extension.

Back to the issue - the ask is simple in that if it does not exist/create it and I the user makes a spelling mistake that creates duplicates etc so be it .... it is still far easier to work with than having to go back into the app, load the note and add the Tag

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