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Is there a way to PERMANENTLY modify my Normal font?

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I would like to permanently change my Normal Text font from  Sans Serif to Slab Serif. I figured out how to do it for the note I'm editing by clicking Update Normal Text To Match, but when I create a new note it reverts to Sans Serif.

Is there a way to make that change my default?

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I agree, changing "normal text" for only one note without changing the default globally seems unusual. But then, of course, I think I'd suddenly stumble into notes that were in the "new normal" when I really needed them in the "old normal," if that makes sense. As @PinkElephant says, templates are the way to fix this; but then every note (assuming you really want Slab Serif standard in every new note) has to be created from a template, and old notes don't update automatically.

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App X has this ...

App Y has that ...

This is an obvious non-argument. If it would be a standard to copy what others have, all apps would look alike and do the same.

If you want a specific feature, just go and use that app - it is that simple.

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I respectfully disagree @PinkElephant. It's normal to see something you like and then want to see it incorporated into what you already use. In a text-heavy app like Evernote, wanting more control over text options is not an unreasonable request. "Well then use their feedback form"; yes, that's a good option in addition to expressing what you would like to see on the forum. If Evernote can send me a market research survey with somewhat ridiculous questions and that took at least double their estimated time, then people should certainly be welcome to express themselves about the product on an official forum.

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My point is: You will usually always find another app that does this or that.

In itself this is no argument at all. In terms of being unique it can even make sense to avoid such features - there is no feature that does not need to be paid, with usability, complexity or simply be spending resources that will not be available for anything else if dedicated for a Me-Too feature. And having "it" as well it no way to stand out from competition.

A clean argument tells about how to use something, what advantages it has, why it should be added. To tell it is "silly it doesn't exist" and add "Nimbus has it" is exactly the opposite. It is IMHO silly to use such an argument - at least it is proof of not knowing why it should be added in first place.

In fact there are a lot of users who do without since v10 was released. This is hard to argue - in my opinion the main positive argument is an accessibility problem for a group of users with weak eyesight. And this group should get the help they actually need.

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