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best e-ink tablet/e-note 13"

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i think i can find here people who have these devices and who could give me advice. I did not see other sections where to post this. sorry if it is not appreciated.

I would like to buy a 13-inch e-reader/e-note/e-ink tablet only that from the video reviews I have seen i can't understand fundamental things, such as, for example:
1) can you write by placing your palm on the screen? does the palm create a disturbance? ruin the screen etc?
2) how can you cancel? is it comfortable, fast?
3) while I'm writing what happens when the page ends and you want to turn the page? how fast is the "page turn"?
4) once I create a file, after it is saved, can I later delete a few lines of text or it is seen as an image? i mean: can I work on/ edit a text document I have previously created?
5) how long does the screen last? tends to get scratched/ruined writing for a long time?
6) is it possible to create folders and subfolders for created files?
7) is there a copy and paste function (to a document to another)?
😎 you can open multiple tabs and browse them (like on android)?
9) can bookmarks be created in handwritten documents and books?
10) are there any functions to quickly export underlines or notes taken in a book?

I share the philosophy of the remarkable, just writing and reading, no browser, no app etc but, in my opinion, it's too small.
it is not clear if the Boox Max Lumi 2 is the best 13-inch but from what I understand, having other functions, it loses the comparison with the remarkable 2 in some aspects.

so...which is the best 13"? I don't want a smaller device

in the end I would be more interested in an e-notebook, not a tablet: to be able to create digital notebooks; write on digital books, slides etc; reading.

advice? I am therefore interested in the device that has the best functions for writing and reading (13")
thank you

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