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Latest upgrade wiped out my data and plan status

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I just downloaded the latest Evernote upgrade and all of my data is wiped out.  I've been using Evernote for years and now all my notebooks, etc. are gone on the desktop app and on the website.  It's still on my phone app for now.

The upgrade also changed my account status back to a free account when I have an upgraded account.  Because I'm bumped back to a free account, I can't contact customer service.

How do I get this fixed?

Thank you,


Note:  I posted this in the wrong category of Android Version 10 or above and couldn't find a way to delete it.  My account is actually working right on my Android phone.  The problem is on my desktop app and the website.

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What do I have to do to get attention for this???  I paid for a whole year.  Do I have to call my bank for a refund to get Evernote's attention?????  This is extremely irritating.

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Hi.  You're in a forum mainly supported by other users,  and we get around to responses when we get the time.  You do need to talk to Support to get this fixed,  but I suspect you've signed into a new account rather than back into your existing database,  hence the new 'free' empty space that you're seeing.  So as a first step please sign out of Evernote on your device and restart it.  Then try to log in again,  making sure that you use your original account details.  To verify them,  you could try the 'forgot password' option on the web page at Evernote.com.  Signing in there should also reassure you that you haven't lost your notes - they're backed up on the server whether you are a subscriber or not.  If all else fails,  do report this to https://help.evernote.com/hc/requests/new using 'account' from the drop-down options as an issue type. 

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I've only ever had one account with Evernote.  So, I'm not logging into a new account.  I used my "original" account details to log in.  When I try to contact support, even with the link you gave me, it won't let me get through to support.  It only gives me the option of searching the forums or upgrading from the free account Evernote thinks I have now so I can reach support.  I'm thinking about calling my bank and filing a complaint to get a partial refund.  Maybe that will get Evernote's attention.  This "free" account Evernote thinks I have won't even let me post in a lot of the forums that I think would probably be a better place to ask for help.  In any case, I'm over this.  I may just migrate to another app.

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You are sure you did not create a new account by accident ? I mean: SURE. A single typo in the user name, and you are "done". First make sure it is not this problem: Don't copy anything, type it all in by keyboard. There have been password managers reported to notoriously not work - others do, but don't take a chance.

If you checked this out, here are 2 more support options:

Support as a guest:


Support via Twitter:


If the guest support link does not work, there may be your network blocking it (not the fault of EN). We can't tell from the outside, but in this case talk to your network admin or your ISP - your banker will likely not help you with that except offer a coffee. You can try as well to reach support through a mobile network, which will circumvent a firewall or similar on WiFi.

Your notes are waiting for you on the EN server. Good luck !

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5 hours ago, AnnieOakley said:

I've only ever had one account with Evernote.  So, I'm not logging into a new account.

Even if it wasn't intentional, it sure sounds like that happened.

Even if you purposefully downgrade your account from Personal/Pro/Whatever to Free version -- you don't lose any notes, you just lose features and ability to upload more data.

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Just to tell about the experience from many former cases of „Oops, I am on Free, and my data is lost“ :

It is not possible to downgrade an account just like that - sure one can cancel a subscription, but this will only take effect when the subscription expires after a while.

By installing downloaded software it is impossible - the account status is kept on the server and can’t be destroyed nor modified by installing software.

What speaks for a second account created without intention is that the (new) account is on Free, and it is empty. It can happen (too) easily by making a small mistake when entering the user name, and then introducing the (same) password.

Users believe they logged into their existing account, but they view a new, empty one, and think their database was erased. No problem, once the user makes a valid login, all data is back.

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