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(Archived) a few issues with the beta

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Having a few issues with the current and previous versions of the beta ( currently)

Very slow searching through notes when initially bringing up the application (10-30 seconds). After getting over the time lag of the first search, additional searches seem more responsive (1-2 seconds), but i'm usually just bringing it up to look for something specific and the initial lag generally has me deciding between this app and other search methods.

Occassionally, selecting a note from the list only highlights the note, but does not bring it up in the viewer window. In these cases, double-clicking the item brings it up in both the viewer and a seperate window, but not the preferred method for quickly viewing a note.

Not really a bug, but a little unintuitive about the fact that you can select multiple items in the notes list, but to apply a tag you have to drag the tag to the viewer window of one of the notes, rather than the selected notes in the list.

Scrolling through the notes in the viewer area is a bit clunky. With one of the the scroll bars, I would expect to be able to scroll line by line in the current note, but notes don't seem to get their own scroll bars without being minimized, and both the other available scroll bars, while nice, don't have this intuitive functionality.

Also related to scrolling, when using the bottom scroll bar to smoothly browse through a note, after finding something I want to highlight inside a note, clicking in that note 'jumps' to a seemingly random location in that note, sometimes hightlighting a large section of text between the location I'd intended to place the cursor and wherever it decides it would like to place it.

Still, this is an application I'm using every day, and hope to log in to find a version I can plan on recommending for others.

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