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find in a note, insert date and the missing tab



I am using OSX desktop version 10.36.4.

there were some not-so-comfortable changes
1) Cmd+F: find in a note
after using it, if you try to use the same command again, the previously used string remains in the search field "unselected".
This means that you have to delete the string before typing the new string to search.

2) Shift-Cmd-D: insert date
The previous behaviour entered a date in the numeric format dd/mm/yyyy (i.e. 29/10/21).
Now the format is: dd month-name yyyy (i.e.  October 29th 2022)
May I suggest allowing users to configure this shortcut?

3) the missing tabs:   It seems impossible to have multiple note cards in a note window; it was a convenient way to manage several related notes.
Could we get this functionality back?

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I use Windows so cannot, with authority, comment on the MacOS operation.  I can offer some observations since the desktop apps work in the same software framework.

2. The insert date function for me, on Windows using Alt+Shift+D, inserts the date as dd MMM yyyy  so for today I get 6 May 2022. I understand that Evernote picks up this format from the device system settings. I anticipate that one of our Mac users will be able to point you to the setting for this.  In general, though, I have an external hot key programmer running so that I can tweak the format to something even more useful for me. You may find that a useful way forward.  For Windows the program I use is Auto HotKey. Alt+Shift+; inserts 06/05/2022 12:03

3. Tabs are a sometimes requested feature. There's no sign of it arriving anytime soon. You could find a thread suggesting this and add your vote there.  If you want Evernote to hear your suggestion then either a support ticket or suggest via the Feedback option in the application. Meanwhile I find that opening the notes in their own window works well enough. Double click a note and it opens in its own window so you can open multiple notesand move between them with tab key or the mouse.

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