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Xiaomi - Add note to device home screen - no work why?

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In the latest version, I cannot ad a note to device home screen in Xiaomi.

It works in Samsung and Huawei without any problems, but on 2 of my Xiaomi phones - impossible.
Each time this is tried, nothing happens. Nada.

Any clue how to fix this problem?

I use this shortcut all the time, as I only have one note.




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5 hours ago, t8769 said:

Any clue how to fix this problem?

Hi.  You could try adding a link to the note to a document that you can open from the home screen - that would mean two clicks rather than one,  but at least you could open the note 'directly' rather than going into the app first.  Do you have access to any widgets from the Xiaomi 'phone?  You might have some options there - but your best option would be to use the feedback link in the app to advise Evernote of the issue.  Presumably Xiaomi's home-baked UI has some local restriction that Evernote shortcuts currently fail.

Having said that - only one note?  As it gets longer and longer,  your risk of losing content - or the whole thing - due to a random keypress or a bad connection gets bigger and bigger.  Always better to use a new note with a standard title or tag to link a series together,  rather than an increasingly huge single log.

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