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Daily reset from update and jump back to previous version

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After installing the latest update on a Windows 10 machine, during the day Evernote reinstalls the previous version
10.32.4 and this morning Evernote sweetly asks if I want to install the latest version because that's what's available.
This has been going on for a few days now... the new version is installed... then the previous version again.... and then the next day the latest version would like to be installed again. This is not normal, is it?

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No, and furthermore the current version is not 10.33, it is 10.36.

Probably you have a buggy installation.

Uninstall using a tool like Revo Uninstaller, then restart the computer and install fresh from the EN website.

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thanks for your reply
while deinstalling (using ccleaner) i found, that there were two installations of ev on the current machine.
a) All Users 10.33
b) specific User 10.36
i deinstalled both and installed 10.36 ... now there is only one version installed.

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