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Bug: Copy from Evernote and Paste to Bash prompt - unexpected garbage characters at the front and end

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This is what I have in my note:



I select and copy it to a Bash prompt, and this is what I got:



You can see the unexpected "00~" and "01~" at the beginning and end of the text. 

It happens not just from this note, but on every note and every text I selected.  This problem just happened recently.  Is this a bug?

This is the version number of my Evernote:

10.36.4-mac-ddl-public (3377)
Editor: v147.0.18080
Service: v1.52.2

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On 5/5/2022 at 4:03 AM, gazumped said:

Hmmn.  Anything similar if you post to a different plain text editor?  I'm not a Mac user but I dare say there'll be one along shortly...

And just to verify, does it happen when you copy from other sources then paste to bash?

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