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Stop filters from clearing when creating a new note



If I select a tag from the navigation tree and then create a new note, the new note will be allocated that respective tag which is great.  However, the filters containing the previously selected tag then get cleared and I'm back to seeing all notes.  I then have to click my tag again to get back to the project I was working on.  Please add a feature to prevent the search filters from clearing when new notes are created.

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I like this one.

And I think this is along these same lines... To leave the note filter list as is, if the link to the note you are clicking on is already in that filtered list. For example, if you are filtering by a specific tag and click on a link that references a different note that also has that same tag (i.e. that linked note conforms to the filtered list), it is clearing the filter and taking you to the notebook for the linked note. I'd imagine this scenario and the one you mentioned happen quite a bit to people that are more-tag-than-notebook users.

Now, having said that, I think I can also see potential problems with this, like: what happens if there is other filter criteria besides just one selected tag? For example, what if you are also filtering by notes having an attachment and your new note won't have an attachment initially? Your new note then couldn't show in the filtered note list which might be kind of odd. What should it do then? Clear the attachment filter? Take you to the notebook (like it does now)? So maybe we only keep the filter if it's just filtered by tags and no other filters? I dunno, but I think we could maybe get inconsistent or tricky behavior that could be confusing too.

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