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How to FILTER on Tag1 OR Tag2?

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Yeah, the correct way is by the „any“ command of the advanced search syntax. This will work on all accounts, even on Free ones.

Or - to be complete in our comments on the question - if on a Professional or Teams subscription you can use full Boolean search as well:

tag1 OR tag2

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4 hours ago, Mike P said:

You can only do this using the advanced search syntax

any: tag:Tag1 tag:Tag2


That worked by it searches all Notebooks. I'd like to search just the current one.

I Saved that search and would run it  on just the current Notebook.

But if I select a Notebook and then select that Saved search, it searches all Notebooks.

How can I save a search for Tag1 OR Tag2 and apply it to current Notebook with one click?


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