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What do I lose when reverting from Personal to basic free account?

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I have a lot of notes collected.  Will I lose any notes I have already collected or the the amount I can clip? 

What does this action effect as a whole exactly?   Please explain.  Thank you.




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No data lost. You will not be able to edit any notes above 25MB ( most subscribers 200 MB). When you edit notes below, saving changes will count against your monthly upload limit of just 60MB. 

The device limit applies: Only 2 devices allowed, and only 2 unsyncs within 30 days. Plus you loose a lot of server based functions, like search in pdf files. You can check in this help document:


Wrap up: All your notes will be there. Use notes as read only from 2 devices will work. Anything else will be seriously handicapped, seen from a subscribers view. But seen from a free use perspective it is still quite generous. Most EN users come along with it.

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You can also see it in the Note info dialog for an individual note. On Mac, Windows, and Web, click the '...' in the top right-hand corner of the note and then select "Note info". A similar way exists on iPhone and Android.


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True - just a bit hard to get an overview this way.

As a rule of thumb, text only notes are usually pretty small. The same applies to most clipped websites.

Larger are notes with attached documents, especially when they are heavy on graphics or pictures.

The largest notes are those with uncompressed pictures (a typical picture from a smartphone will be appr. 4-5 MB each), audio and (worst of all) video clips. 

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Thanks for the great examples guys, but I forgot I don't have the program installed on the desktop because I was having trouble with it so I was using the online web version instead.

Can you show me an example of this with the online version?  


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Ah yes, I finally found it.  Is 146KB considered a large file?

One more question.  How can I backup each individual Notebook instead of each individual note.  I was looking around and didn't see an option for this.

Thank you for your patience and kindness. 

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18 hours ago, PinkElephant said:

You can add the note size to the middle panel. Richt click on the header line (where it says title, created, changed etc.) and add the size from the popup menu:




I was puzzled about this, till I realized that I had to have Note List view set to Top List. I rarely use Top or Side List, but being able to see data like this is a good reason to do so.

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