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Every time I download an excel file evernote sort of takes over - and I cannot open the file

Anders Hede


Please help. This is extremely annoying - I cannot work by downloading excel files (e.g. the accounts of our housing association). Evernote takes over the file and I cannot be opened

Below you can see the useless file in Evernote.


Skærmbillede 2022-05-03 21.41.14.png

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In Windows to each file name extension like .xlsx an app is assigned to open it by default.

It seems somehow this was taken over by EN accidentally. We had something like this maybe a year ago, when the EN installer malfunctioned.

It is easy to solve, but requires to do so for all possible extensions, not only for xlsx, but xlsb and xlsm, just to name a few. Check out the other MS Office extensions as well, like .docx and .pptx. Here is how:


Macs assign the standard app differently, this has happened only on Windows.

Meanwhile you can as well place a right mouse click on the file and select Excel through the "Open with ..." menu option. This works around the default app setting, but needs to be repeated every time.

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I'm not clear whether you are attempting to open the spreadsheet from the Home screen (which you cannot do) or from the now which should work.

That said, I prefer to save spreadsheets in Google Drive and link then into a note through the Google Drive integration. That might work for you which you get this resolved.

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