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Trying to save and reopen an PDF fillable (writer enable)

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I am using a PDF form as an easier version to an excel version for our customers to fill out. Here is where we are on this project. I am using an older version of Evernotes on my desk top (widows 10) because it was working very well for what we are doing. Because people are so many different platforms I think the Fillable PDF may be the easies way to trade information with our customers and it kind of works. I have a writer enable PDF and if you down load it and fill it out and save it back it works fine but it would be nice to be able to add info to it and just save it. Need help please, just trying to make this work for them. Thanks in advance.  

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  • Evernote Expert

I'm not sure you can easily achieve what you want unless those completing the form are also Evernote users. In that case you could share a note and, I think, your colleagues could then open and fill the PDF saving it back into the note. Of course you have to create the form in a manner that enables form filling and saving as a PDF.

That said, I think it would be easier to complete the the form outside Evernote then have your colleague Email or to your Evernote address or just back to you an you forward it to your notebook or staff it into a note.

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On a Mac this would work, through the integration of the OS-born Preview app into the EN „Open“ dialogue. It saves changes right back.

No idea for Windows (and I am quite elated I don’t need to care any longer).

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