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Tagging Task Workarounds

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I'm looking for a work around for this need:I need to be able to tag tasks. I tried for many months to have a 1:1 note based on GTD context (e.g My Boss, Shopping, Phone, etc.) but I've found this inefficient. What I really need to be able to do is have this format

Task name Tag

And then search by tags.

But that isn't available in Evernote.

Has anyone tried to use the Assignment field as a way of tagging (i.e. the assignment is to a category not a person.). I don't have the pro version just the paid personal version, but I'd upgrade if that would work. I'm worried that assignment is looking for an email address not a name, so I'm hesitant to pay the extra $ without knowing if this is a viable work around

Has anyone tried to create a naming convention for the title of a task for example Change Insurance: Phone, or Create meeting PowerPoint: Work? If so, how successful were you with using a naming convention?

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