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Calendar Note Notifications on all calendars

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Hi All,

I mostly use Calendars hosted with Apple but I have 1 x Google account with 1 calendar.

I am on Personal Evernote subscription so I can only have one google account connected which is all I need.

Since Evernote / Apple Calendar sync still does not appear to be coming soon then I have started to experiment with the Google Calendar / Evernote integration.

So in my one Google account, I have 1 calendar but I have created a 2nd calendar.

I have ticked both calendars within Evernote and events sync ok, but I only seem to be able to get note open/create reminders from my original calendar not the newly created one.

Does note reminders only happen on one calendar and not all calendars?

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I have a single Google account linked to Evernote. In the account I have three calendars. I can select all the to display inside Evernote. On the Home screen select the Calendar widget settings and within these you can choose which calendars are displayed.

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