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(Archived) Mac Version: A tiny Request

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I'd love to move my 3000+ notes over to the Mac and toy around with the new version.

What's hindering me to just start off is:

- Missing import functionality.

- Missing shortcut to quickly jump to the tagging section of a selected note.

Can't wait to see if the next beta version will take care of these issues. Thanks for hearing me!

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What application are you importing from? If you're importing from Evernote on Windows (e.g. version 2), you can install Evernote Beta on your Windows computer, import your old notes there, sync to the service, and then sync back down to your Mac. We don't plan to add code to the Mac to read and import the previous Windows file formats, since we assumed that every previous Evernote Windows user has access to Windows to import.

There's currently no hotkey to jump to the "tags" entry field for the note that you're editing, but thanks for the suggestion.

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... import your old notes there, sync to the service, and then sync back down ...
I certainly distrust dumping half of my brain to teh internets. But this - I've just stumbled upon it - sounds like a promising solution (With some scripting, even for hakettt's use case):
We are implementing a cross-platform import/export file format ... used to export one or more notes' date=' and then import them into a notebook on another computer.[/quote']
... but thanks for the suggestion.
Great to hear this has your attention. And please keep keyboard-friendliness in mind when it comes to adding or refining features.
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I would like to import my notes from Yojimbo and DevonThink Pro. Will there be a way to do this, or to simply import RTF formatted files soon.?

On the Mac version, of course.

Hi Hackettt. One thing you can do now to bring notes in from Yojimbo: select the notes in Yojimbo and drag them over to the Evernote dock icon.

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