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Apple Shortcut to open specific Evernote note

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Is there a way to create an Apple shortcut that will open a specific Evernote note?  I've been playing around with it but haven't figured out a way.  I wish there was an Evernote action to open a note, but since there isn't, I'm guessing I need to come up with some URL based workaround.  Anyone had any luck with this?

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I got it to work on my iPhone, but it doesn't work on my Mac.  I used the following actions. 

1. EN: Get Note (Entered the title of the note)

2. EN: Get Links for Note (passed note from action 1.  Selected the option for the In-App Link)

3. Safari: Open URL (Passed URL from action 2)

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If it’s always the same note I would skip steps one and two and just figure out the correct link to use. When you copy the internal link in iOS, it’s in https://www.evernote.com/… format but I bet the Mac prefers evernote:///… format. 

there’s more info on the URL structure here:


Unfortunately, I don’t currently have a Mac so I can’t test that part of the equation. Hopefully my speculation sparks an idea. :)

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