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Current version of Evernote is restricted by Company Policy rules

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On my company mac I updated evernote to v10.36.4, and all of a sudden the company policy says "You do not have permissions to open the application.."

How can I download the previous versions of evernote, they worked fine. I am not sure why the policy does not like the new version. 

I was able to download the legacy version and it also works fine, but its way too old.


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You never know what your company applies through the devices management. They can for example stop the users from installing new software, which is probably the case for you.

Often the AppStore versions are not restricted, because the AppStore it seen as „safe“. So it could be a solution to switch from the direct install to the AppStore install. Or talk to your admin.

If nothing works out, you can still use EN on the web client. It has nearly feature parity with the installed client, and can be opened in a browser session. This will prevent as well that your account data is stored on the company computer,

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