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How do you screen shot large pdf where you have to scroll ?

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How do I clip a large pdf on my desk top where there is many pages ? Do I have to clip every page separately, and if so can I join the clips together ?

I cant select the pdf and scroll down at the same time .

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What do you want to clip, and why ? Clipping a pdf produces image files - is this what you want ? The pdf in general has the better quality and handling.

Just put the pdf into an EN note, and that's it.

If you still want to clip, you should describe the desired outcome. There are tools that do a rolling screenshot - but you don't tell about your operating system. What does work for me on a Mac will not work on a PC - hard to advise without information. If you have an iOS device, you can take rolling screenshots there using OS functions - but as "long" pdfs, not as images.

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Hi Pink Elephant 

I have a iMac with version macOS 10.15.7 

The files a want to was downloaded as a text doc but when I open it, it open in Acrobat Pro. I want to put it on my reMarkable tablet to read but it's not the right file to import into it. I cant export it or open it in any other version. pdf Adobe editing software is very expensive. I hoped to use Evernote to do nothing else with it so I could import it into my reMarkable. 


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On a Mac you can convert every document into a pdf through the Print process. It won’t be a rolling screenshot, it will have the classical page by page structure.

Don‘t know if you mean this by „solved“. In the forum we usually share our solutions.

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